Most often when people have just had a room painted & decorated, it looks, or should look extremely professional, both in finish and colour, sometimes it's the colours of the walls, the woodwork, the curtains, the carpets, & the wallpaper, all these things should go together, especially if you have had an Interior Designer involved.


One section of the room that is generally overlooked, but of course painted, usually in white are, THE TOPS (the ceilings) & this is where I come in. Did you know that with a little thought & skill with colour, you can literally transform a room by painting the ceiling in a colour that is adventurous and daring yet harmonious, to go with the other sections of the room to bring it all together?


If this sounds too good to be true, please let me come to your home & discuss how, whether your rooms have just been painted / decorated or have been completed for a while, can be transformed just by having THE TOPS finished in an array of different colours apart from the usual white.


Most ceilings are certainly finished within the day & the look is quite memorable.



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