As you can see from my site, I take great pride in my work and always deliver on the finished product, whatever the painted finish, emulsion on ceilings and walls, internal or external painted doors, frames, windows, gutters, fall pipes, gates, railings, stair rods, skirting boards, the list goes on.


It is extremely important to paint all these things properly after filling and thoroughly rubbing down with different grades of paper to get either the rich eggshell lustre or wonderful gleaming gloss your property deserves. It really does matter! A front door wants and needs to look as good as, or if not better than, a Composite or PVC door, otherwise there really isn’t much point in it being painted. The same goes for all the other items inside or outside your home.


Whether it’s opaque paint or translucent varnish, the same applies. Of course, all this takes time and of course there are higher costs than normal involved – you cannot get Rolls Royce work for Mini type money; it just does not fit. But the signature of the workmanship is what matters and it makes your home the best ship on the sea.



Providing Interior Decoration and Decorative Painting Services in Derbyshire, Yorkshire, West / East Midlands and beyond.



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